Brand Protection

The act of mitigating maliciously or illegally activities that could directly or indirectly impact your Brands finance standing, whether you are producing tangible units or a Media or entertainment entity to the reputation of established brands to affect share prices or making products using a brand name owned company name.

Brand protection can be summarized as the process of protecting your brand’s intellectual property (IP), including copyrights, trademark patents, design rights, against counterfeiters, copyright pirates, and other infringers. More specifically, online brand protection means protecting your brand’s IP on the internet.

Supporting services:

  • Enhanced due diligence checks

  • Marketplace Monitoring

  • Web and Dark Web Content Monitoring

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Domain Name Monitoring

  • Executive Online Risk Monitoring

  • Hardware to protect your local network

  • Global monitoring of: 

    • Online marketplaces, 

    • Social media channels, 

    • Websites and domains

    • App stores

  • Commercial drones with thermal capabilities

  • Law enforcement liaison

  • Executive Protection 

  • Protective Surveillance 

  • Counter surveillance 

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, (Bug sweeping) 

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